Data Gathering Options

Data Active uses data gathering options that rely on the insights and participation of data activists to reflect the voices of the community. While participants can engage anonymously, standard demographic information is requested for additional analysis.

Instant Polls

An instant poll is administered once with a representative group of people to check and measure the current status opinion or knowledge over time.

  • Ask 1-10 questions
  • Runs once
  • Results in 24 hours

Longitudinal Polls

A longitudinal poll is repeated periodically with a representative group of people to check and measure changes of opinion or knowledge over time.

  • Ask 1-20 questions
  • Multiple runs over a fixed period of time
  • Results in 24 hours


A survey is administered at least once per year with a representative group of people to measure the current opinion, understanding, or knowledge.

  • Annual
  • Longitudinal include a consistent group of people over time
  • Can produce an index or scale

Asset mapping

Community asset mapping is a strength-based approach to understanding and documenting a community’s existing resources. An asset-based approach empowers members of the community to recognize their own strengths and capacities. The process can be used to identify the institutions, individuals, organizations, businesses, and networks existing within communities that serve as positive resources for communities. Community asset maps can focus on:

  • Strengths and abilities of community members
  • Places such as schools, churches, clinics, public libraries, or recreation centers
  • Businesses that provide jobs and support to the local economy.
  • Social clubs or community-based organizations
  • Local private, public, and nonprofit institutions or organizations

Sample Asset Map: 2020 Sonoma County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce